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Channelpoint, McDonald's, and Outsourcing 
4th-Feb-2005 10:59 am

I get my local newspaper story summaries via e-mail. Yesterday they reported that Steve Bigari, local McDonald's entrepreneur, has plans to turn the old Channelpoint Building on Mark Dabling Blvd. into "the most ambitious family entertainment complex ever seen in Colorado Springs." I'm too cheap and lazy to buy the paper (dead tree or electronic) and read the rest of the story, but googling turned up something very ironic. A real estate newsletter published in 2000 reported that "Channelpoint, a Colorado based e.Business for insurance is expanding from 3,000 sf to 25,000 sf as they move from West Hartford to the former McDonald's space at 2 Waterside Crossing in Griffin Center."

I have a nostalgic "boy I'm sure glad I didn't go there" recollection of Channelpoint. In 2000 they offered me a job. I was tempted to take it because I wanted to get in on the dot-com boom. I've made some stupid decisions in my life, but that was one gig I'm glad now that I turned down.

That connection is odd enough, but there's another twist. Steve Bigari was in the news last year for developing a system for outsourcing McDonald's drive-thru order takers. That's right, a call center in Colorado Springs is taking orders for customers at his Missouri McDonald's drive-thrus.

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